stonework with a story


After sustained apprenticeships at several of Maine's best masonry companies, owner Jamie Hanlon started Hanlon Stone in 2006.  

Maine’s geology, and the region’s appreciation for well-made, lasting craftsmanship have combined to foster a particularly rich tradition of stonework.  Our work is rooted in New England culture and inspired by the work of those who went before.


Stone and masonry always been used to shape, support, and define space.  Walls beautify boundaries, pathways guide our steps, foundations support our homes, and chimneys and hearths are our center.  Recognizing its purpose, and having broad and deep connection the medium, Hanlon Stone offers guidance in how best to achieve the home owner's vision with the materials at hand; or to restore the work of prior craftsmen.

Why choose hanlon?

Hanlon Stone is owner-operated, ensuring clients have maximum access and accountability as they work with Jamie and crew to realize their vision.  We are dedicated to the furthering of masonry as craft, training the next generation of stone masons.  We source local stone and brick which shapes, and is shaped by Maine’s landscape.  Our work looks like it belongs, and distinguishes the landscapes it marks, while achieving the impression that it has always been there.

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